23 May 2005

Captain Ed, Michelle Malkin continue to mislead on Bush's abortion increase

This morning during his appearance on Meet The Press, DNC Chairman Howard Dean stated that the number of abortions nationally has increased 25 percent under George W. Bush as opposed to during the administration of President Bill Clinton. Conservatives have already been polluting the Internet with attacks on this remark, but they fail to provide any data to support their claims.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters states that this figure is untrue. Does he support this claim? Of course not - conservatives never let facts interfere with their outrageous claims. He instead cites a post on his own blog. (How suspicious!) On his own post, Captain Ed doesn't offer any statistics to support his claim that abortions have not increased since 2000. Instead when faced with his claim stating that the increase in abortions under President Bush did not occur, Captain Ed sadly concedes that he could not find any data to support it.

Michelle Malkin goes a step further. Most remember Malkin, the infamous author who defended Japanese internment during World War II in her 2004 book, as the political lightweight who crumbled under questioning by Chris Matthews of Hardball when she tried to push the right-wing conspiracy theory that Senator John Kerry (D-Massachussetts) shot himself while in Vietnam in order to be awarded a purple heart. In the ultimate sign of weakness, Malkin then cried about the encounter with Matthews on her blog.

On her blog today, Malkin provides three links that are to support her claim that the 25 percent increase statistic isn't true. Ironically, she links to three separate posts on her own blog. (The act of using him or herself as their own source is a commonly used dirty trick by conservative columnists.)

The statistic that has drawn the ire of conservatives is from a memo by conservative, pro-life professor Glen H. Stassen. Stassen is the Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary. His memo discusses trends in national abortion rates and uses statistical reasoning to determine that abortion rates have increased since 2000. Professor Stassen provides a thorough explanation of his findings in an online interview.

Conservatives love to complain about political pundits that attack people of faith. Maybe this time instead of assaulting Christian Professor Stassen, these right-wingers will take a look in the mirror and stop their vicious attacks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These conservatives have no shame and the conservative bloggers have no ethics. How dare they try to twist the numbers? I think we all learned after Bush's Medicare disaster bill. When conservatives don't like the facts (or numbers), they just start making them up.

11:14:00 AM  
Anonymous tdog said...

When it comes to Bush and abortion, he is all hat, no cattle. His rhetoric has brought no results.

12:16:00 AM  

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