10 June 2005

Is this the GOP's idea of minority outreach?

In the wake of the GOP's outrage over DNC Chairman Howard Dean's statement about the Republican Party being a "white, Christian party", Republicans are aggressively attempting to portray their party as one open to people of all races. Now the GOP's arguments appear shallow and meaningless as the United States Senate pursues the nomination of a controversial, presidential appointment.

President George W. Bush has appointed Henrietta Holsman Fore, the current director of the United States Mint, to the position of undersecretary of state for management. This position oversees human resources and the civil rights office for employees from the State Department around the world. At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday, Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) questioned the appointee over her controversial and racist statements made during a question-and-answer session after a 1987 speech at Wellesley College.

"At the time, news accounts of the speech reported that Fore suggested blacks preferred pushing drugs to working in factory jobs and that Hispanic workers were lazy. The remarks were misunderstood, Fore said, but she resigned as a Wellesley trustee to quell the controversy at the college."

"Obama questioned Fore about the racial comments for more than 20 minutes, repeatedly pressing for an explanation of the remarks. When her answers did not satisfy him, Obama said he wondered what type of environment she would create for employees who were black, Hispanic or had other racial backgrounds if she held a 'stereotypical notion of how various people performed.'"

Senator Obama, the only African American in the U.S. Senate, says that he may block a vote on Fore's appointment. But what about the new inclusive Republican Party? Instead of just whining about the poor, yet somewhat accurate, statements by the DNC chairman, perhaps the GOP should remedy this sad situation by urging the president to withdraw Fore's nomination. Let's see how the Republican Party feels about diversity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is kind of shocking. Howard Dean makes some dumb comments, and it is frontpage news. These comments are under the radar and they shouldn't be. Republicans are great at making the Dems the issue and distracting the media. Why don't the Dems make the Repuglicans the issue and use this comment? This is news!

11:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the Democrats? This is a big deal and the Democrats are letting the Republicans get away with it. We keep hearing African Americans say that the Democrats take them for granted. This is an example.

8:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I just saw this link on the DNC blog. This is good stuff. Why has Howard Dean not made this an issue? We should be up in arms. The Party of Lincoln - yeah right!

10:24:00 PM  

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