03 June 2005

Pentagon flushes previous denials regarding the Koran

Following reports by Newsweek magazine that American interrogators at Guantanamo had mishandled the Koran, specifically that the Muslim holy book had been flushed down a toilet, officials at the Pentagon and within the Bush administration voiced their anger. Some believed that the Newsweek story led to riots in Arab nations, where at least 16 lives were lost during the unrest. The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Richard Myer, however disagreed with the opinion of the White House that the story caused the rioting. Still, Newsweek eventually retracted their story, stating that the incident could not be confirmed.

The Pentagon subsequently admitted five minor incidents involving the Koran, but those examples paled in comparison to that alleged in the Newsweek story. Now the Pentagon is admitting that the Koran was in fact seriously mishandled by U.S. interrogators. While the toilet incident was not confirmed, the Pentagon now admits that the holy book was kicked, stepped on, and in one case splashed with human urine.

This shocking revelation is just another example that the Bush administration is botching the War on Terror. All Americans should be proud of the brave men and women that serve in our country's armed forces. At the same time, we should be outraged that the civilians at the Pentagon and the Bush administration continue to dishonor their service. For decades, American has provided moral leadership to the world. The Bush administration jeopardizes that role.

As a result of the Bush administration's sloppy oversight, poor planning, and arrogant lack of leadership in the War on Terror, our soldiers and our country are put at risk. Enough is enough! We need reform in the federal government and accountability in the Bush administration.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is surprised by this? Nothing is beyond the Bush administration at this point - and I mean that in a bad way!

10:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me insensitive, but why do we care about these scumbags in Guantanomo and their Korans? Sometimes the liberals care more about the terrorists than they do about the families who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

1:01:00 PM  

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