07 July 2005

BREAKING NEWS: London hit by coordinated attacks

Less than 24-hours after being awarded the 2012 Olympic games, London was rocked by six coordinated explosions, aimed at London's underground subway, or "The Tube," and a separate explosion aimed at a double-decker bus during their rushhour. At this time, police confirm that the seven explosions have claimed two lives with approximately 95 people injured.

Prime Minister Tony Blair cited that these terrorist attacks were planned to coincide with the beginning of the G8 summit in Scotland. Blair declared that the G8 summit would continue and that the world's leaders would not waiver from their greater goals.

Blair plans to leave the summit and return to London.

No responsibility for the attacks has been assigned or claimed.

UPDATE (7:39 AM): Scotland Yard now reports that the number of attacks was four - three on the underground and one on a double-decker bus.

UPDATE (7:43 AM): Emergency Services in London is now announcing that the number of fatalities has reached double-digits. CNN now reports that their efforts are no longer rescue, but instead recovery. The number of deaths is expected to increase.

UPDATE (8:24 AM): Prime Minister Tony Blair leaves the G8 summit for London.

UPDATE (8:29 AM): President George W. Bush makes statement decrying the terrorist attacks in London.

UPDATE (8:35 AM): Radical islamist web site claims responsibility for attacks in London. Analysts are unfamiliar with both the terrorist group claiming responsibility and the web site where the claim was made. Terrorist statement cites revenge against England as the motivation for the attack.

UPDATE (10:23 AM): Metropolitan police department and representatives of other emergency services convene press conference in London.

UPDATE (10:38 AM): Sources confirm at least 33 people dead and more than 350 people injured by this morning's terrorist attacks in London.

UPDATE (11:52 AM): Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff holds press conference and raises Homeland Security Advisory System to HIGH (orange) for only the mass transit sector of the country's transit system. Chertoff encourages Americans to continue using mass transit, but stresses we remain alert and report any suspicious activities.


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Good live-blogging on today's terrorist attacks. Very informative and appreciated.

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