06 July 2005

Coincidences surrounding Watergate

Today, Washington Post writer and world-acclaimed author Bob Woodward released his long awaited book on W. Mark Felt, the FBI deputy director during the Watergate Scandal best known as Deep Throat. The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat hit bookstands today, and most expect it to become an instant best seller. One interesting fact that isn't being reported is the irony of the book's release date.

Today while the book detailing the number-two man at the FBI during Wategate was released, the number-one man at the FBI during that time passed away. L. Patrick Gray, acting FBI Director during the Watergate investigation, died today at age 88.

Now before Rod Serling enters the room smoking a cigarette, it gets spookier.

Take yourself back to May 29, 2004. Both Samuel Dash and Archibold Cox passed away on that day. Dash was the chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee and Cox was the independent special prosecutor who was fired by President Richard Nixon during the Saturday Night Massacre.

Not really news - just interesting Watergate trivia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right - it's not really news. But it's interesting. I forgot that Dash and Cox died on the same day. I guess God has a plan for all of us!

11:54:00 PM  

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