19 July 2005

Expect a Supreme Court nominee either today or tomorrow

As the situation regarding Valerie Plame heats up, many expect President George W. Bush to change the subject by naming a nominee to the United States Supreme Court very soon.

Following an ABC poll yesterday showing that only 25% of Americans believe that the White House is cooperating with the investigation of the leak of a CIA operative and that 75% of Americans believe Karl Rove, Bush's Deputy Chief of Staff, should be fired if it is learned he leaked the name of a CIA agent, the Bush administration desperately needs a distraction. The White House hopes that a new headline will remove this scandal from the news.

Expect a major announcement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court very soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is also being hinted to in the press. The Bush White House is very good at controlling the press. I would expect them to announce a justice today to make the Rove/Libby story go away.

1:04:00 PM  

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